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Meetings start at 7:00 P.M. - Room 102, Yates Hall, (across from the North end of football stadium) at 1702 S. Joplin St., Pittsburg, KS.  Click here for a PSU campus map and hover cursor for building identification.  Click here for a Yahoo map.
September 28, 2017
"Vultures - Earth's Clean Up Crew", by Mike Davis, retired forensic chemist MSSU Regional Crime Lab, retired Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Master Naturalists. Davis will focus on the unusual physiological adaptations and the similarities and differences between Turkey vultures and Black vultures and their relationship to our ecosystem. Free and open to the pubic.

26, 2017

"Renewable Energy - A Talk About Solar Power", by Cole Morrison, that will cover overall benefits and possibilities of renewable energy here in Kansas, how homeowners should go about the process if they want to switch over to renewables, and various tips.
No Meeting
November 2017
Due to conflict with Thanksgiving and Christmas, the November and December meetings have been combined, and held on December 7, 2017.
7, 2017
"Should I stay or should I go? The effects habitat and behavior have on salamander movement", by Dr. Britt Ousterhout (Post Doctoral Fellow at U. of Arkansas) . Although most animals live near where they were born, some disperse, moving long distances away. Britt will talk about ongoing work to determine why some animals move farther than others and how this can affect conservation efforts.
25, 2018
"Local habitat impacts on bird communities in Kansas and Missouri: A joint talk by Pittsburg State Biology Graduate Students", by Katie McMurry, David Hollie, and Michael Barnes. All three speakers will discuss their plans and recent findings from their Master's thesis projects on backyard bird habitats, and the long-term effects of forest management on songbird communities.
22, 2018
"From Black-footed Ferrets to Bobwhite Quail: Audubon of Kansas Conservation Advocacy and Sanctuaries", by Ron Klataske, Executive Director of Audubon of Kansas, will talk about their efforts to reintroduce the Black-footed Ferret in Kansas. Thought to be extinct in 1996 the Black-footed Ferret is now on the endangered species list and is one of the rarest mammals in the United States.)
29, 2018
"Habitat Associations of the Broad-headed Skink in Kansas", by Zack Cordes, Biologist, Ecological Services, KDWP&T. Little is known of the habitat requirements for the Broad-headed skink, a state threatened species. Zack will discuss a project to assess the species' distribution and ecology with the main objective of developing a recovery plan for the Broad-headed Skink.
26, 2018
"Stealing Wildflowers the Photographic Way", by Dr. Cindy Ford.
Wildflowers in wild places can conjure images of a field of flowers in one’s own backyard.  Discover pros and cons of developing that patch of wildflowers in your yard.  Find out which native plants do well in landscaping, how to establish a plot, and why native plants are desirable plant selections for attracting wildlife to  your yard. Using Emmett Sullivan’s award-winning photos, test yourself on the identification of several species of native plants in the southeast Kansas region.
  31, 2018
Sperry-Galligar Audubon Picnic, 6-9 P.M., held at the Homer Cole Pittsburg Community Center, 3003 North Joplin in Pittsburg, KS.
Summer Hiatus SGAS will not hold regular meetings in the months of June, July & August.