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Bluebird Nest Box Management Program
Elma Hurt at Bluebird Program.Elma and Bob Hurt at Bluebird Program.

Girard, Kansas, April 3, 2003 - The Sperry-Galligar Audubon presented a public service program on "Bluebird Nest Box Management" in the Girard High School Performing Arts auditorium.  The goal of the program was to supply information to the public on how to successfully attract bluebirds.  Topics discussed include: nest box construction, predators, placement of nest boxes, nesting, behavior, record keeping, etc.  SGAS member Elma Hurt, who currently manages a 26 box bluebird trail, followed the power point presentation.  She offered tips and shared her years of experience with the audience.  As the director of her bluebird trail she often needs a capable carpenter to construct boxes - enter husband Bob, who graciously builds perfectly constructed bluebird houses (for the director!).  Show above left, Elma is addressing the audience about nest box particulars but had to summon husband Bob to relate details.  Our organization has a wealth of resource people that contribute their time and effort.  Elma has encouraged several others to install bluebird boxes and to be successful in their first attempt.  Thanks  Elma and Bob.   Similar public service nature programs are held each spring throughout our area.

Pierre-Henry Fontanine
World Authority on Whales

Describing a whale's tail as it dives.Answering questions from audience.

Pierre-Henry Fontaine, the bearded man in the pink sweat-shirt, does not spend much time roaming the flatlands of Kansas.  The reason is that he spends a lot of time studying whales, and whales live in the ocean.  Joey Williams, from PSU's Nature Reach, is a friend of Pierre-Henry and upon learning that Pierre-Henry would be in Pittsburg the idea of a "Special Program" by Fontaine was turned into a reality - through the sponsorship of the Sperry-Galligar Audubon and Pitt. State University.

On Friday, January 24, 2003, in PSU's Yates Hall, Pierre-Henry Fontaine presented the "now whale loving" audience of over 130 people with two slide programs, i.e., one on baleen whales and one on toothed whales.   Fontaine is a retired biology teacher, who has devoted his life to the study of whales and dolphins of the North Atlantic.  As an international author and presenter, he has written several books on these marine mammals.  Pierre-Henry now resides in Quebec where he facilitates his museum, "Le Musee du Squelette".  For more about Pierre-Henry Fontaine and his latest book, "Whales of the North Atlantic", click here.

Speaking with a French accent, Fontaine thoroughly answered question with timely humor and with an undeinable passion for whales - as displayed in the photos above.

Below left; Pierre-Henry Fontaine shown smiling for the camera along with Sperry-Galligar Audubon's president, Roger Willis.
Below right;  Fontaine is autographing his book, "Whales Of The North Atlantic".  (Photos by Robert J. Mangile)

Pierre-Henry Fontaine & Roger Willis.Autographing books after program.

Kansas Dept. of Wildlife & Parks
Wildlife Photographer - Mike Blair

Mike Blair collague.

Right: Mike Blair addressing the audience before his slide presentation.
Upper left: Cheryl requesting book autograph.
Lower left: Dalton meeting his long time idol.
Photographers and  wildlife lovers got a real treat at the January 30, 2003, Sperry-Galligar Audubon meeting.  KDW&P's wildlife photographer, Mike Blair, presented a slide series - put to music - of various life forms and natural scenery photographed in Kansas.  Blair said, that contrary to what one might think, there is no reason to venture out of Kansas because the state offers wonderful opportunities for nature photography.  His photographs were testimony to that truth and were enjoyed by a large audience from the surrounding area.

Later Blair mingled freely among the crowd, autographed books and talked photography with members of the audience.   This was a chance to meet the guy whose pictures have graced the Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine for many years.  The pleasure of meeting and talking with Mike is clearly evident in the photos above.  If you missed the program, the January/February 2003 issue of Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine is a special issue with over 40 pages of his colored photos.  Click here for more information on the KDW&P's magazine.  (Photos by Robert J. Mangile)

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