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Here are some internet web sites (links) that may inform and/or entertain you.  A listing of "links" could be very lengthily. Below is a start of some interesting web sites.  They are separated with horizontal lines, in an effort to categorize them.  Many have links to other web sites, and, some are listings of yet more links.  If you know of an interesting web site, let us know about it.

Search Engines:
Amazon.com (books)
Barnes & Nobel (books)

Books - Binoculars - Etc.:
How to Choose Binoculars for Birding
Best Binoculars of 2013: Cornell Lab Review
The Binocular Site & Bird Clubs of America
Christophers, ltd.
Information about - Optics for Birding
Eagle Optics
RCS Optics
National Camera Exchange
Birding Optics Binoculars & Scopes

Audubon of Kansas
National Audubon Society
List of Audubon Chapters inside and outside the United States
Topeka Audubon Society (Kansas)
Northern Flint Hills Audubon Society (Kansas)
Jayhawk Audubon Society (Kansas)
Wichita Audubon Soceity (Kansas)
Audubon Society of Missouri (State)
Burroughs Audubon Society (Missouri)
Columbia Audubon Society (Missouri)
Greater Ozarks Audubon Soceity (Missouri)
River Bluffs Audubon Soceity (Missouri)
Payne County Audubon Soceity (Oklahoma)
Tulsa Audubon Soceity (Oklahoma)
Audubon Society of Central Arkansas (Arkansas)
Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society (Arkansas)
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center
Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
United States Fish & Wildlife Service
National Wildlife Federation
Windstar Wildlife Institute
Nature Conservancy
Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation
Missouri Department of Conservation
Missouri Prairie Foundation
Sutton Avian Research Center
Native Kansas Prairie
Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Kansas Ornithological Society
Kansas Native Plant Society
Ducks Unlimited
Western Birder & Naturalists

Beginner's Guide to Birdwatchinig
The Ultimate Guide to Birdwatching
A Local Guide to Birdwatching in the USA
Facts about Flowers for  Kids
Beginner's Guide to Bird to Bird Watching for Couch Potatos.
Zoom School (Elementary school classroom - various subjects)
BigEye - Cyber Playground For Kids (great site)
Interpreting Birding -- Online
Kansas School Naturalist
BioMEDIA Associates
National Wildlife Health Center
Glossary on the Avian Body
Glossary of Avian Terms
Bird Dictionary

Mangile's Pigeon Pages
All About Birds
Hummingbird Gardens
Bird Links of the World
Bird Songs of Various Birds
The Owl Pages
Birding / Wild Birds
Ornithology: the Science of Birds
Eggs: A Virtual Exibition
NetVet / Electronic Zoo / Birds (fantastic site)
American Bird Conservancy
American Birding Association
The Virtual Birder
Webster Groves Nature Study Society
Lanny Chambers Hummer Page
Ruby-throated Hummingbird
North American Bluebird Society
Eastern Bluebird Nest Box
Wood Duck Nest Boxes
Attracting Hummingbirds
Hummingbird Migration Tracker
Birding Hotspots Around the World
Birds & Their Habitats in Kansas/Archives
Tower Killed Birds
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
North America Bird Banding Program

Other Interesting Links:
Weed Laws (John Marshall Law Review)
When Cities Grow Wild
Wild Ones Handbook
Oceans Of Kansas Palentology
North American Butterfly Association
Hot Links for Native Plants Landscaping
Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses
Outdoor Knots - boating, fishing, etc.
Cats Indoors
Bat Conservation International
Blue Skyways
WebMD (Medical)
Dictionary.Com (on line)
Yahoo Driving Directions
Wichita Radar (Intellicast Weather/Kansas)
Pittsburg Morning Sun (newspaper)
Joplin Globe (newspaper)
United States Department of Agriculture
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
Computer Virus Myths
Official U.S. Time