Sperry-Galligar Audubon Society

Library Displays

Sperry-Galligar Audubon Library Display
For both children and adults interested in Nature these two Sperry-Galligar Audubon displays could be seen at the Pittsburg, KS Public Library, during the entire month of September 2003. These displays represent some of the efforts by the Sperry-Galligar Audubon Education Committee, chaired by Ann and Roger Willis.

Last year Ann Willis had a similar cabinet display in the Library that was a real attention getter. Not resting with last year's success Ann and Roger created another great display case.   Some of the contents were:
Emerged Monarch butterfly in cage.This year an additional display was developed, by Jim Brunfield, for the Children's Library.   Jim maintained a series of jars and cages that contained various stages of the Monarch butterfly's metamorphosis.  Daily visits, over a period of time by children and adults alike, saw what most have never witnessed.  A Monarch butterfly larva feeding on milkweed leaves, then making a chrysalis (the pupa stage), and then emerging as an adult butterfly - right before everyone's eyes. In fact, when we took these photos, the Librarian was excited to relate that while doing a "Story Time" for the children, one chrysalis opened and out came the butterfly - seen in container - above.   An event that few ever witness and none will forget.

Those that viewed these displays will surely walk away with a better understanding and appreciation for the natural world.   Mission accomplished!  Thanks to Ann, Roger & Jim.