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Birder Certification Program

See our list of Certified Award Recipients.

(For example: If you receive a certificate for the  "Novice" level, you only need to submit an additional
list of 50 "new" birds for the "Accomplished" level, and an additional list of 50 "new" birds will certify
you for "Master" level, etc.)

Program Certification Levels:

"Novice" - - - - - -  Identify and catalog fifty (50) species of birds.
"Accomplished" - Identify and catalog one hundred (100) species of birds.
"Master" - - - - - - Identify and catalog one hundred fifty (150) species of birds.
"Expert" - - - - - - Identify and catalog two hundred (200) species of birds.


  1. Participants are expected to observe and/or identify every species cataloged.
  2. Observations with groups or on field trips are acceptable - if you observe the bird.
  3. All species are to be cataloged and must include the following:  (Example below.)
Note: Many bird species are known by more than one Common Name.   For example: A pied-billed
 grebe is sometimes called a helldiver and a yellow-shafted flicker is sometimes called a
yellow-hammer.  It is important that the scientific names be included on your list to remove doubt
as to which bird species is being referenced.  Most credible bird field guides include scientific names.

  1. A copy of the cataloged list must be submitted for SGAS records.
  2. Your submission is subject to review.
  3. There is no time limit or deadline for your submission.
  4. Send submissions to Sperry-Galligar Audubon, 816 E. Atkinson Ave., Pittsburg, KS 66767, or give them to someone at meetings.
  5. Use multiple sheets with the following information on each sheet. Please don't write on back.

Example of a listing for submission.

Jane Doe, 77 Wistel Vista, Litchfield, KS 66762   -- Tel: 555-555-5555 -- E-mail: None
Level being sought "Accomplished"  - - -     Previous level of certification "Novice"

1. March 22, 2004     American Robin            Turdus migratorius  Lakeside Park in Pittsburg
2. March 24, 2004     Yellow-shafted flicker   Colaptes auratus     My back yard on a tree
3. April 4, 2004          Blue-winged teal           Anas discors           Field trip to Neosho WA

To download and print a one-page Word file <BirderCertification.doc> with the above
information click here.

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